HS Range
1. First focal plane reticle – MOA or MIL spacing’s true at all magnifications
2. OF(Objective Fixed) military specification means it can be trusted with most calibers, even .50 cal. Solid machined torus erector support make it high recoil proof and very stable for years of guaranteed reliability.
3. Lanthanum glasses with Multi-Coated optics provides a better optical performance than other similar scopes, side focus from 10 yards allows you to shoot from very close distance to a long distance.
4. Positive pressure nitrogen filled technology provide unbelievable full water proof and fog proof performance.
5. DLT FFP MOA or MIL reticle design is not only popular for firearms long range tactical shooting, but also for air rifle long range shooting and hunting.
6. 1/4 MOA Push-Zero Lock turrets is matched with MOA reticle  and 1/10 MIL Push-Zero Lock turrets with MIL reticle, make it easier to zero your scope and allow you to lock the zero.



MIL Reticle