Key features:

  • ED Japanese FCD100 HOYA glass lenses provide a extremely low chromatic dispersion, bright and sharp image.
  • One piece T-6061 aircraft aluminum, CNC machined and hard anodised scope tube, accurate and solid construction. Tested to 1500 G shock.
  • 4 or 5x times optical design provide a long range power for long range shooting and hunting.
  • Objective Fixed technology makes the ED line more reliable and recoil proof for large calibre and lifetime use.
  • Positive Pressure Nitrogen Filling gives 10 meters waterproof and better fog proof performance.
  • Side focus from 10 yards and comes with a side wheel for easier use.

What is ED glass and why should I want it?
ED means “Extra-low Dispersion” and refers to the composition and optical properties of the glass used for the lenses.
ED glass is specially formulated, including rare-earth compounds to greatly reduce chromatic aberration (colours not all coming to the same focal plane) compared to standard glass lenses.
Besides getting rid of colour fringes, ED glass scopes also yield sharper images because the fringes are no longer present to soften the focus.