There are several reticles available in the Discovery range of rifle scopes.

HMD – Available in the VT-2 and HI ranges. Offers Mil dots and half mil lines, with quarter mil markings on out posts. Markings are true spacing at 10 X magnification. It is glass etched, and can be illuminated.



DLT MIL – Available on the VT-T range of scopes / DLT MOA – Available on the HS range. These glass etched reticles are set in the First Focal Plane, meaning the spacing’s are true at any magnification. The reticle will appear smaller at low power and larger at higher magnifications.


DLTW – Available in the HD range. It is First Focal Plane in the 4-20×50 model, and in the Second Focal Plane models is true at 10x magnification.This modified DLT MIL reticle has quarter MIL lines in the first MIL spacing, and additional floating trajectory dots. This Glass etched reticle can be illuminated.

SS FFP – Available on the HD 34 mm tube range. This First Focal Plane (true at all magnifications) Mil line reticle ( 1/2 mil spacing’s) offer plenty of hold over and windage markings for long range shooting.